viernes, 10 de abril de 2009


Dear Child Bright Future Family, dear Lokendra,
It would be a great joy for all of us participating in this blog to share with you all feelings and efforts of this small extension of the Child Bright Future Family in Spain and all known and unknown friends involved in this small project to bring together an economic help to maintain Child Bright Future running and to collaborate with you in the aim of giving better living conditions and a possibility of a bright future for all children under your guardianship.
We have opened on the blog a link “translate into English” that you can use to get the Google translation of the main parts of the blog which are written in Spanish. It is an automatic translation and for that reason some expressions may not be translated properly, but I hope that you can understand the key ideas of every post on the blog, and you are able to become a clear view of how much love to your children it is put on this blog by all people sharing words, feelings and a small economic help through this project.

We would also appreciate very much if you want to participate in this blog posting yourself any message or sending any photograph or video. I am sure that your participation would help people approaching to this blog to understand the great job you and the ChBF family are doing for children.
I know the internet connections in Nepal are not very good and maybe you will have difficulties posting yourself, so if you prefer to send me any message by mail rather than posting directly on the blog, I could copy and post it for you on

Best wishes for all the Child Bright Future Nepal Family

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Pedrocarabanchel dijo...

Niños siempre bonitos.
Ver las fotos y los videos me hacen rememorar mi segundo hogar. Siento que los conozco a todos.

Pedronamasté dijo...

Por cierto, no existe en el mundo un saludo tan intimista y lleno de sentimiento, como el Namasté. Me encanta!!!. Cada vez que lo hago miro a los ojos de la persona, y si lo mantengo durante mucho tiempo se me vienen las lágrimas.
Es muy bonito!!!

Por cierto, proximamente cargaré un post sobre una situación que se está produciendo por culpa del cambio climático, en Nepal. Que va a ser trágico y que no lo vamos a poder remediar. Ya os avisaré cuando lo tenga